I am a dreamer + Believer passionate about living my best life and helping you do the same.

In 2014, I graduated from the University of Central Florida (go Knights!) with a degree in health sciences and no desire to actually pursue a career in the healthcare field. What I really wanted was the ability to travel, make good money, and have ample free time to blog and figure out some direction for my life. Insert teaching abroad in South Korea! 

The original plan was to stay one year in South Korea, but I wasn't ready to leave! I had fallen more in love with my Korean life than I anticipated. So I extended my contract for another year and consequently -  started a YouTube channel where I share my life and experiences abroad, gained more clarity on the life I want to live, and grew closer to God. It’s been a life changing two years, and now it’s time to close one chapter and start another. I’m back on the move with the big question "where to next?" in the front of my mind.

No matter where I am in the world, my passion will always be helping others live out their dreams + purpose and sharing my journey, as I do too. Whether that be through providing helpful content on YouTube or creating digital products because one thing I know for sure is:

 our dreams are tailor-made for our purpose and we owe it to ourselves (and God) to pursue them. 

All photographs by Andrew Bui




I post new videos weekly - ranging from collaborations, tips + tricks & things to know when living abroad, and most recently - a moving vlog series! Watch as I move across the globe in reverse, and all that happens along the way. 


Fun fact: blogging was my first love! I post new content weekly, sharing a more introspective and personal glimpse into my world and life- while also providing actionable, helpful, and free content for you! 


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