Hometown Appreciation

Hometown Appreciation - Melody on the Move

This all started because I wanted to buy a new camera. I've had an itch to upgrade my current DSLR and at the time, the move to Chiang Mai was still on the table, so I thought "no better time than now". But as we all know, I've pressed pause on that move and with that pause came a realization. Before I drop over a grand on some new Canon machinery, I should probably learn everything there is to learn about the camera I have now.

Insert The Hometown Appreciation Project.

My hometown, that I'll refer to as Central Florida Small Town, USA, is going to be my muse as I teach myself how to operate the manual settings on my camera. I've always had a complicated relationship with this place for a variety of reasons but through searching for beauty to capture, I hope to walk away with a whole new appreciation for this place and the people that live here. So that's the plan. And below are the first batch of photos I've taken. I'm still learning the manual settings and I'm also teaching myself how to use Lightroom to edit them - so bear with me!

I hope you enjoy getting a feel for the place I will always call my hometown. 

(you can click the pictures to see them full size!)

The Central Florida Zoo // Sanford, FL

The Greek Corner // Orlando, FL

La Meca Coffee Shop // Lake Mary, FL

Riding through the streets of Lake Mary, fl

I'm really excited to watch my photography + editing skills improve as this Hometown Appreciation project continues! Which picture is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay awesome. Stay inspired.

- Melody -