I Bought a One-Way Ticket

When I say that God's timing is BEST, I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my whole entire heart. Y'all know, I was thissss close to purchasing a one-way to Chiang Mai and I'm so glad I yielded my plans to Him!

Ya girl is about to be back on the move in a mere 2 weeks and this time I will be taking my talents to... *drum roll please*


In a way only God could have orchestrated it, instead of traveling solo, for the first month of this indefinite-length adventure, I will be joined by my amazingly wonderful friend Shanice (y'all might remember her from my For Black Girls Who Ride Longboards video). I was fully prepared to go off on a solo adventure, which is ultimately what this will become, but the fact that I get to share the first month of this new journey with her is AMAZING in itself. It will be both of our first times in Europe so the excitement is very real!

We will be flying to Italy and spending 10 days traveling through Rome, Florence, and Venice and then fly from Venice to Madrid, where I will be for another month.

And you might be thinking - uh Mel, how are you going to afford to just travel indefinitely?

Very understandable question! I will continue to teach with VIPKID, on top of YouTube, blogging and all that jazz! 

So yes, new adventures await and I'm so excited to 1) have the opportunity to travel like this and 2) share my journey with you guys as I do! My YouTube channel is going to be LIT with new content weekly, so make sure you're subscribed! 

Also, I didn't mention it but I am officially 26 years old *gasp*! I usually write a blog post (check out 24's and 25's) but this year, I decided to go digital and make a video. If you're interested in 10 lessons I've learned by 26, then press play below. I also share when I'm off to next, but you're one step ahead of the game and know already ;)

Have you ever been to Europe? If so, I'd love to hear any and all recommendations you have! If not, is it on your bucket list? Why or why not?


stay awesome. stay inspired.

- melody -