8 Things My Instagram Hiatus Taught Me (+ Free checklist!)

8 Things My Instagram Hiatus Taught Me- Melody on the Move

We live in such an interesting day and age. For starters, a man with zero political experience is the president of the United States. Like what? And how about this new wave of 'rappers', who say nothing (both literally and figuratively) but are huge successes? Like what (x2)?! 

And then there's the social media phenomena, which has changed the game in so many ways. 'Instagramer' is now an actual profession, along with 'YouTuber' and 'blogger'. Social media is no longer 'just for fun', this thang is a business, y'all. And for me, it's IG that I love/ hate the most.

Instagram is the art of making everything look effortless and uncalculated when it's anything but.

If my month-long hiatus taught me anything it's that: 

  1. Maintaining a cohesive Instagram theme is both an art and a full-time job.

  2. The 'explore' page a time-wasting vacuum that can only be a creation of Lucifer himself, especially when it's the first thing I check in the AM. (If you hop on social media first thing in the morning too, I created the Before You Scroll Checklist just for you- keep reading!)

I used to plan my IG feed, curate pictures, pre-write captions, use scheduling tools to post at the 'best times', and overwhelm every picture with at least 20 hashtags. This was all in an effort to grow my following, which is honorable and noble, sure, but equally exhausting. 

It all started to feel like a bit much, so I deleted the Instagram app from my phone and took a much-needed hiatus

I haven't posted a darn thing for over a month and I've somehow managed to amass more new followers than I did through all of the crazy growth strategizes I implemented in April. Can we all just say it together: "like what?!" But I digress, the point of this post is to say - I'm officially back on the 'Gram! But not in the same way I once before.

So what does this mean?

This time around, simply put, I've adjusted my intentions. If my following grows, awesome. If I keep the same 2,967 followers that I have at this exact moment, that's cool too. I'll be the first to admit, at a certain point it became way more about the likes and follows than engaging with real people. But from this point forward, I'm going to keep Instagram simple. It's about sharing my life in a more immediate capacity than I can on YouTube and connecting with y'all. That's what is important. 

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Here are 6 more things that this IG hiatus taught me: 

  1. Social media is such an illusion. Issa vibe way more than issa real life. 

  2. Instagram accounts with beautiful pictures but captions void of feelings, emotions, or personality are not for me.

  3. A few of my consistent favorite accounts are @Alex_Elle, @livedeeplyrooted, and @cantstayput_.

  4. When I don't spend the first 15 to 30 minutes of my day scrolling (you know how we do), my day magically seems to unfold better.

  5. Not scrollin' mindlessly takes discipline. My flesh very much so wants to scroll through the 'Gram at times. And when it does, especially first thing in the morning, I whip out my Before You Scroll Checklist (get yours below!).

  6. I am so much more productive when I'm not totally connected, and growth can still occur too.

Nothing ensures the success of your day like the start of it, so if you struggle with getting on social media as soon as you wake up too, grab the free 'Before You Scroll' checklist! This checklist is home to 8 positive and productive activities that you can do before you start scrollin'. To get your freebie today, just fill out the form below! 

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How do you feel social media? What's platform you love and/or hate? Have you ever felt the need to take a hiatus?

Stay awesome. Stay Inspired.


- Melody -